Welcome to the new Saratoga Institute on Equine, Racing, and Gaming Law Blog!

By Melissa Perry
Postgraduate in Racing & Gaming Law

Welcome to the Saratoga Institute’s Blog on Equine, Racing and Gaming law.  The Government Law Center of Albany Law School has been home to the Saratoga Institute on Equine, Racing and Gaming Law since 2000.

The Saratoga Institute began as an annual one-day conference on Racing and Wagering law held in the beautiful upstate New York city of Saratoga Springs during the summer racing meet at the historic Saratoga Racecourse.  The annual Saratoga Institute Conference has grown to a two-day event focusing on legal issues within the Equine, Racing and Gaming industries and featuring nationally renowned panelists and keynote speakers.

The Saratoga Institute programming has now been expanded into a year-round academic center focusing on Equine, Racing, and Gaming Law.  Albany Law School is the only law school to offer a concentration in these exciting, highly regulated industries that generate financial activity of more than $225 billion dollars and 2 million jobs annually. This extraordinary new program will prepare highly qualified students for these burgeoning areas of law and serve as a resource for professionals within these industries.

Through the years, the Saratoga Institute has relied heavily on the expertise of our committee members and other affiliated professionals who have so generously donated their time and knowledge to support our educational mission of furthering the Equine, Racing and Gaming industries.

This blog will feature contributions by Institute staff, law students enrolled in the Equine, Racing and Gaming concentration, committee members and other dedicated professionals with expertise in these complex areas of law. The blog revitalizes the former publications by many of our experts which can be found by clicking here.

As our first guest author, we are delighted to bring back the voice of our dear friend and former director of the program, Bennett Liebman. In his first entry, Bennett speaks with the voice of authority, having recently retired as the Governor’s Deputy Secretary for Gaming and Racing, on the 75th Anniversary of Pari-Mutual Wagering in New York.

Welcome back Bennett- we’ve missed you!

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